"One of the finest American progressive rock groups of the 70s"

"an exercise in mad genius and rare dexterity"

--Mike McLatchey


Yezda Urfa Members, Past and Present

Born 1955 Gary, Indiana. Currently resides in LaPorte, Indiana with his wife. Plays with pick-up groups and works as a millwright. Self-taught musician.

Brad has produced a parody CD with a band called Dead Nuts. E-mail Brad if you are interested in purchasing a copy.

Born 1955 Alamogordo, New Mexico. Currently resides in California with his wife. Composes music for Film and TV in Los Angeles. Studied privately on piano, guitar, flute.

Born 1955 Chicago, Illinois. Currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Employed as an electronics engineer at a national laboratory (he has to kill you if he tells you where). Studied privately on cello, otherwise self-taught.

Born 1955 Chicago, Illinois. Currently resides in Vail, Arizona with his wife. Has written music for local commercials. Studied privately on various instruments and taught guitar for many years.

Born 1959 Chicago, Illinois. Studied classical piano privately in Chicago and St. Louis, toured worldwide, and performed on over a dozen cd's. Mike has joined Yezda Urfa as our touring keyboard player.

Ron joined Yezda Urfa for our NEARfest 2004 performance.

Other Members

Our singer on our Boris and Sacred Baboon albums. Born 1953 Park Forest, Illinois. Passed away March 2008.

Mike Davies

Chuck Nuzo

Gary Stewart


Rick Rodenbaugh


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