"One of the finest American progressive rock groups of the 70s"

"an exercise in mad genius and rare dexterity"

--Mike McLatchey


Past Present Future Past Present Future

format: LP
release date: 1990
label: Syn-Phonic

This is a compilation LP released by Syn-Phonic. It is a double LP, containing eight bands from the past, present, and future. Yezda Urfa is represented by a post-Sacred Baboon piece called "The Basis of Dubenglazy, while Dirk does the Dance". Dubenglazy was a basement recording that turned out fairly well, and represented the peak of our "crazy" period. Later works were more jazzy and with simpler structures.

This was a most execellent production by Greg Walker and Syn-Phonic. Included are photos of the bands with lengthy descriptions, lyrics, band members and their instruments, and discographies.

Syn-Phonic SYNPHO 10

    Side A

  1. LIFT - Perspective 9:18
  2. Happy The Man - "Leave That Kitten Alone, Armone" 9:16

    Side B

  3. Yezda Urfa - The Basis Of Dubenglazy (While Dirk Does the Dance) 9:30
  4. Netherworld - Cumulo Nimbus 10:40
    Part I - The Approaching Storm 4:37
    Part II - In the Mist 1:58
    Part III - Among the Clouds 3:57

    Side C

  5. Djam Karet - Swamp of Dreams 9:15
  6. Episode - Edge of the Sky 14:45

    Side D

  7. Now - Shroomer Consumer 11:29
  8. Kalaban - Sleepless 9:52


Excerps from the liner notes...

"This is also dedicated to all the American progressive musicians of the 70's and 80's"

Thanks goes to all the following musicians that helped in bringing this project to life:

Chip Gremillion, Kit Watkins, Stanley Whitaker, Mike Beck, Phil Kimbrough, Marc Miller, Rick Rodenbaugh, Mark Tippins, Brad Christoff, Kirk Long, Randy Wilson, Pete Yarbrough, Gayle Ellett, Chuck Oken Jr., Mike Henderson, Henry J. Osborne, Tom Finch, Nick Peck, Don & Roe Tyler, Gary Scheuenstuhl, Gary Morrell, Jon Ernst, Eric Kampman, Rich Dibennedetto, Randy Graves, Gary & Michael Stout, Matt Despain, and Dave Thomas

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