"One of the finest American progressive rock groups of the 70s"

"an exercise in mad genius and rare dexterity"

--Mike McLatchey


Boris LP Boris

format: LP
release date: 1975
label: private

This was a demo album put together by ourselves. We had wanted to make a good recording, showing off our music, with the hope that someone of influence would eventually hear the album and get us a recording deal. It finally happened, but it took over 10 years and long after the  band's demise...

This album was recorded in about three days in a professional studio in Chicago. However, this studio was normally used for commercials and other, more "normal" recording, and they were quite amazed at our music, our long hair, and our crazy antics.

Three of the five pieces on this album were reworked and appeared on our second album, Sacred Baboon. There are only a few copies of this album left.


Side 1

  1. Boris and his 3 verses, including flow guides aren't my bag (11:00)
  2. Texas Armadillo (1:48)
  3. 3, almost 4, 6 yea (8:46)

Side 2

  1. Tuta in the Moya & Tyreczimmage (10:50)
  2. Three tons of fresh thyroid glands (10:20)

Produced and Recorded at Universal Studios, Chicago by Phil Tarr and Yezda Urfa.


Where to get it...

Unfortunately, this item is out of print. It has become a collector's time. Some copies have sold for thousands of dollars. You may find a copy occasionally offered on eBay

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